Which usability will survive in the ghetto?
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WhatsApp is one of those apps we always recommend to people that are new smartphone owners and it’s been a very popular app since it launched in 2009. It is however dying for an update, both the UI and the UX.

The Problem

The (iPhone) app is our go-to-app for chatting on our phones…

Quit that stupid drawer from your app now



I have been experimenting with design lately and have learned a lot. There are so many do’s and don’ts for design that will break you or make you. As the famous quote from Steve Jobs goes “Deciding what not to do is more important than deciding what to do”. So, in this blog post I am pointing out 5 don’ts for design:

  1. Do not copy design: Designers when designing, let that be website design, product design or any sort of design, tend to look for the best designs out there. Many designers or companies copy designs which tend to be the best in the market. But if you look at their stats after launching their product, most of them failed to achieve what they thought they will be. In short their whole great-copied design didn’t work for them. The reason being that designers or design companies do their research related to the product they are working on. They spend days, weeks, months or sometimes even years going back and forth on few design ideas. The research also includes their target users, demographic, and other parameters. Once they collect and analyze that data, they design accordingly. 

    Take away: Great design are there to inspire, not to copy. Do some research on your product and on its other parameters and then design accordingly.

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Dear Apple,

WWDC 2014 is approaching fast and so is iOS 8 I guess. I’ve been writingand reading on potential iOS improvements for more than a year now. Today, I want to present you eight of my biggest wishes for iOS 8. I chose them based on the belief that they would push iOS to the next…


A Linxspiration app may be coming to your iPhone…


The Critical Whirl. ‘I’ve read too much Marx and I can’t get my words out’

Circle hand clockwise in a small but rapid motion towards the audience.

Accelerate and repeat until idea unpacked.


Ancora pochi giorni e finalmente vi sveleremo il programma completo dell’Open Data Day a Cagliari che si terrà il 22 febbraio prossimo.

Nel frattempo date un’occhiata al Monithon toolkit che vi servirà per il fantastico hackaton che stiamo preparando per voi ;-)


Mancano pochi giorni per svelarvi il programma ufficiale dell’Open Data Day 14 che si terrà Cagliari il 22-2-2014 e annunciarvi il fantastico hackaton che stiamo organizzando!

Nel frattempo vi diamo un indizio per prepararvi, date un’occhiata al monithon toolkit ;-)


There is so much fucking NOPE on the internet today. From Woody Allen apologists, to assholes seriously lacking in compassion for addicts — I’m taking the rest of the day offline. Shut down my laptop and turn off my phone as self-care.


Dopo l’esperienza positiva dello scorso anno abbiamo deciso che anche quest’anno Cagliari avrà il suo Open Data Day, aderendo alla giornata mondiale il 22 Febbraio 2014. In contemporanea con tutto il mondo, sarà una giornata per sensibilizzare, mostrare, fare, scoprire, creare, confrontarsi sulla cultura degli open data.

Presto vi forniremo dettagli sul luogo dell’evento, orari e programma.

Stay data tuned! :)


City Mapper App - When you’ve filtered a journey with ‘walk’ it tells you the percentage of daily calorie intake used and what that equates too in food stuffs.

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I dont need another app for that I do need more will to do it


Kustaa Saksi. Hypnopompic. Comtemporary wool.

Arachne’s Web.

Arbor Vitae.

Herbarium of Dreams.

:O ahh

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the fabulous arthur mitchell and dance theater of harlem

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If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.

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